• Scholarship Winner
    Recent 2015 graduate,Aleece Schiffer,
    wins the KSA Events Scholarship
    from the Orlando basketball trip.
  • PRE-K Opportunity
    For more information click the link below:
    Click Here

  • Summer Packets
    Please click on the link below:
    Click Here

  • RGHS Going to Dallas
    RGHS students (Gabe Bingman
    Austin Eyler, Josiah Montgomery, and Nick Swatzler) are travelling to Dallas, TX
    to compete in the NAQT
    2015 Middle School National Championship.
  • RGHS District Choir
    RGHS District Participants:
    Sarah Stearns, Evan Sharp,
    and Nick Glowacki
  • State Capitol Trip
    RGHS 11th and 12th grade students
    visit the PA State Capitol building
    and met State Representative Lee James
    and Senator Scott Hutchinson.
  • RGHS Participants
    Top Row: Cole Peterson,Mathew Heasely,
    Addison Shull,Marcus Swartfager,Aaron Weltner,Kade Portfield,Tim Wagner
    Bottom Row: Madeline Boyle,Kellianne Nerlich,Lauren Swatzler,Brooke Deeter,Morgan Vincent
  • RGHS 3rd Place Team
    Lauren Swatzler,Brooke Deeter,Morgan Vincent
  • RGHS Student
    DECA Metal Winner Spencer Williams,
    4th place winner, qualifies to compete
    at the national level in Florida
    at the end of April.
  • May/June Events
    May 7:Spring Band Concert,6:30pm
    May 8:RGHS Blood Drive
    May 13:Piano Recital,9:00am
    May 16:Prom
    May 18-22:Keystone Exams
    June 5:Last Day of School
  • Support Our Orioles
    RGHS Sports

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2014-2015 RGHS Spring Band Concert

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RGHS Lip Dub Music Video

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